Track Your Lost Mobile on Sanchar Saathi Portal

The Sanchar Saathi Portal is the best way to track your lost mobile on the go. By logging in with your registered mobile number and password, you can view all your latest calls, messages, and photos from your device. You can also track the location of your device using the built-in GPS tracking. If you lose your phone, don’t panic – just log in and start tracking!

Mobile tracker for lost and stolen devices is now available on Sanchar Saathi portal. You can track your lost or stolen device through this portal.

How to Track a Lost or Stolen Moblie Device?

To track your lost or stolen mobile device, you will need to first register with Sanchar Saathi portal. Once you have registered, download the Sanchar Saathi mobile app and login.

Once you are logged in, under the ‘My Account’ tab, select ‘ Lost & Stolen Devices ‘.

In this tab, you will be able to see a list of all the devices that are currently registered with Sanchar Saathi portal.

You can also search for a specific device by its IMEI number. Simply enter the IMEI number and select the ‘Search’ button.

If you have lost your mobile device, you can use this feature to locate it. Simply select the ‘Locate My Device’ option and input your contact details like name, address, etc.

If you have stolen your mobile device, you can use this feature to block/unblock the device from being used by other people. You will also be able to get information like call history and messages from the device

Everyone loves their smartphone, and with it, access to a wealth of information and entertainment. However, if your phone goes missing, tracking it down can be daunting. That’s why the Sanchar Saathi portal was created – to help you track down your lost smartphone.

The portal provides an online platform for devices and users to keep in touch with each other. You can use the Sanchar Saathi app or website to locate and track your device. If your phone is unregistered or is not within range of a network or cellular tower, the app will send you push notifications informing you of its current location.

The app also allows you to remotely lock/unlock the device, erase data, take pictures and videos, and even hear real-time alarm signals if your phone islost or stolen. In addition, the app lets you share your findings with others who might be able to help locate your lost device. So whether you’re losing your phone at home or on the go, don’t worry – with the Sanchar Saathi portal at your side, finding it will be a breeze!

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