How To Unlock/Reset Your Android Phone Pattern or PIN

How to Unlock Forgotten Android Phone Pattern or PIN
Your Android phone has several options to unlock it like PIN, pattern, or password. This secures your phone from other access.
But sometimes, this lock feature creates problems for users as they forget their lock pattern. Now what to do and how to unlock Android after forgetting patterns is a big question.

Unlock With Smart Lock

Smart Lock is an Android feature that lets you specify certain conditions that bypass your lock screen security. You’ll find it under Settings > Security & location > Smart Lock.

You’re required to input your current lock password to make changes to the feature. Then you can choose five possible options to unlock your smartphone without a password:

On-body detection: The phone senses that you’re carrying it automatically stays unlocked while it’s on your person.
Trusted places: Uses your location to unlock your phone when you’re near an address that you’ve selected.
Trusted devices: Keeps your device unlocked when connected to a trusted Bluetooth device, like your fitness tracker or car.
Trusted face: Uses facial recognition to unlock your phone. You should know that this facial recognition technology invades your privacy.
Voice match: Unlocks your phone when it hears your trusted voice.
If you’re already set up one or more of these options before you forgot your password, you can use it to get back into your phone. However, you can’t change Smart Lock or password settings without entering your current password. Thus, you may still need to factory reset, but at least you can back everything up first.

Third-party security options

Some smartphone manufacturers often bundle their own security software into a device, such as Find My Mobile by Samsung. Such features can be particularly useful for getting past the lock screen, but you will have to have set this up already.

Using Samsung’s Find My Mobile is as easy as using Android Device Manager.
If you did, just visit the corresponding website from another device or PC and unlock your phone from there.

Unlocking Samsung Phones

For locked Samsung phones, you just need to visit this link and log in with your Samsung ID and password.

Then, it will show a map location of the device after you check all the legal information options properly.

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Now on the map, you can locate an “unlock” option which you need to double-click.

After that, confirm your choice to unlock the remote phone. Next, you will be asked to complete a Captcha. Following this, your device is unlocked.

Crash Lock Screen To Bypass Pattern Lock

This is a useful method to deal with such an issue but works only for encrypted devices that run on Android 5.0 to 5.1.1. So it’s only suitable for a few phones but it is very helpful.
Here are the steps to follow:
Click on the Emergency call option on the lock screen of the Android
Now use a dialer to enter 10 asterisks
Double click to highlight and choose Copy
Then, paste the characters just next to the original copied characters
Continue to add more characters to space unless you won’t get the double-tapping option
Next, open the camera shortcut and pull the notification shade
Now click on the Settings icon and you will need to enter a password
Here long-press the input field and select the Paste option. Now repeat this process many times to copy and paste characters
This will crash the lock screen and you can access your device as before

factory reset

The last resort is to conduct a factory reset. But watch out because this will erase all the data on your Android device, so only do this if you really have tried all of the above options.

The easiest method for doing this with a locked phone is by logging into Google’s Find My Device online. From here you have the option to conduct a complete factory reset.

If you can’t access Android Device Manager for some reason, or you’re not signed in to your Google Account on the locked device, then you must do a hardware reset, which means entering your device’s recovery mode manually.

The method for conducting a hardware factory reset differs on each device, but it generally involves holding down the power and volume buttons when your device is switched off. In case your experience differs from the steps in our previous link, you can search through our website to find the factory reset guide for your specific device by clicking the link.

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