How to Disable Chrome Automatic Updates on Windows PC

How to Disable Chrome Automatic Updates on Windows PC

Chrome is the most powerful browser used by 65% of people worldwide. Unfortunately, it is far from perfect. As its users are well aware, it always uses a lot of computer RAM and can offer some problems from time to time. Google Chrome Automatic updates are also pretty annoying. However, if you’ve decided you don’t want them to run automatically, there’s no setting in the browser to turn them off.

How to Disable Automatic Chrome Update?

Method 1: System Configuration Utility

The most common way to stop Chrome from updating on Windows is to use the System Configuration Utility (also known as MSConfig).

Open the Run prompt. You can do this by using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R.
Once it opens, type MSConfig and hit Enter.
Open the Services tab.
Look for the two following items: Google Update Service (gupdate) and Google Update Service (gupdate). To find them easily, it may be easier to either check to Hide all Microsoft services or click on the Service column header to sort the list alphabetically.
Uncheck both Google items and click OK.
You will be prompted to restart your computer for these changes to take effect.

Method 2. Disable Chrome Updates from Windows Services Manager

To start, press the Windows key (the one with the Windows symbol) and the “R” key at the same time. This will open the “Run” window, in which you must write the command “services.msc” (without the quotes) and tap “OK“.

Another window will open, in which you should look for the option “Google Update Service (gupdate)” and double click on it. In the new window, you will see some settings related to Google Chrome. In “Start-up time“, choose the option “Disabled” and click “Apply” and then “OK” afterward to disable Chrome automatic updates.

disabled disable Chrome automatic updates
With that done, your browser will not update itself anymore, which you can revert by doing the same procedure again, only by checking “Automatic” at the end. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Method 3. This is just a trick to stop the auto-update of Google Chrome in Mac OS.

Go to Applications Folder in Finder.
Right-click Google Chrome and select Show Package Contents.
Go to Contents directory.
Open Info.plist file with XCode or another text editor.
Change the value of the key: KSUpdateURL to an invalid URL. something like
Overwrite Info.plist file.
Restart Google Chrome.
Finally, go to Google Chrome Settings / About. You will see Update always fails because the update URL was set to an invalid one.

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