How to Copy Text from a Blocked Site in Chrome Browser

How to Copy Text from a Blocked Site in Chrome Browser
Generally, websites fight harder to protect their content from online theft and it is the end-user who suffers when you are unable to copy even a name or an address from a webpage. With the help of the above simple methods, you can avoid the problem of sites blocking their written content.

Disable Java Script

The above-mentioned trick doesn’t work on some of the websites. For that, consider disabling the javascript on your desired web browser. But once you are done copying contents from blocked websites, re-enable the javascript. Otherwise, most of the websites might not work properly. On the other hand, refer to these steps to View Cached Copy or Old Version of a Website

Click on the overflow menu situated at the top right of your Chrome browser and go to Settings.
Scroll to the Advanced section and head to Privacy and Security.
Under that, look for Site Settings.
Go to JavaScript and disable the toggle to turn it off.
Now restart your browser and go to the website to copy the text. Ensure to turn Javascript back on after you are done copying since certain sites might not work correctly without it.

Copy from website source code

Websites are written in a hypertext markup language (HTML). This code can be viewed by right-clicking on the website if not disabled and selecting “View source”

For beginners, this will be confusing and overwhelming and you might require basic HTML skills.

However, if the website has disabled right-click simply put below on your browser followed by the website/page URL

Once you have access to the code you can easily get the information you want and copy-paste as you want.

Take a Screenshot

If you are unable to directly copy the content, you can still take a picture of the webpage using the Screen Capture extension. Once you install this extension, a camera icon will appear next to the address bar on your Chrome browser. Tap on this icon to take a screenshot of the entire webpage.

You can then save it as either a JPG, PNG, or PDF file on your device.

If you don’t want to install an extension, simply press the Print Screen or PrtSc button on your keyboard. You can paste this into any image editor or word processing app that supports images. Some site owners do block this option, though.

Using Proxy Sites

As opposed to disabling JavaScript from the browser’s setting, some proxy websites will give you an option to disables JavaScript before accessing a website. There are many websites offering this service, search for “free proxy website” on your favorite search engine and begin to experiment.

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