7 Best TeamViewer Software Alternatives for 2021

7 Best TeamViewer Software Alternatives for 2021

With the ever-growing research and growing curiosity for more useful inventions, technology has been gifting us with new surprises, almost, every day. Today, you see a wide variety of technologies, tools, techniques, software, and applications that ease your work, provide fast results and enhance your productivity. One such method is to access your desktop remotely. When it comes to remote access to the desktop, most of us get the instant name of Teamviewer in our minds. There is no doubt that Teamviewer is a fantastic Remote Desktop Software. It gives a lot of benefits to its users.

1. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is another good alternative RAT that has been downloaded over a hundred million times and continues to garner even more loyal users.

AnyDesk-v5-windows-main-screen of the best reasons this tool is popular is simply due to the fact that it is fast. This is thanks to a smooth UX (user experience) owing to a 60 FPS screen refresh rate and an efficient bandwidth management system. Another good example of its efficiency would be the fact that it conserves bandwidth resources by simply compressing images before they are transferred.

A good sign that this company takes its users’ safety – and the integrity of its connections – seriously would be that AnyDesk uses “banking-standard” TLS 1.2 protocol to ensure security as well as RSA 2048 asymmetric encryption to verify each connection.

Finally, although it was built for the most demanding of users, AnyDesk is free for personal use and works well with almost all operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Free BSD, and Raspberry Pi. Those that prefer the cloud can even use Chrome to run AnyDesk.

2. Turbo Meeting

Turbo Meeting is a cloud-based, secure, remote access support, a market solution that can be used instead of TeamViewer. The servers are designed to ensure employees’ and customers’ satisfaction i.e., collaborative remote support, remote access, and unattended support.

The notable features are audio, video facilities, session recording, small meetings, remote desktop sharing, in-session customer training, mobile-friendly, detailed reporting etc. Furthermore, the lack of any monthly fees makes the TeamViewer competitor even more attractive. No free versions are available. Turbo meeting 8.0 has 4.7 ratings on the Google Play store.

3. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a reliable and affordable alternative to TeamViewer. Assist is a super-fast remote support software with multi-platform accessibility and was designed to suit the requirements of all businesses.


Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS efficiently
Effortless file transfer and multi-monitor navigation are incorporated
Assist offers an unattended access feature to connect to devices without needing a user on the other end
Powerful security features, including SSL, 2-Factor Authentication, and more
Multiple chat options to enable quick communication
Session recording to record all events during a session
Assist offers both free and paid versions for its customers

4. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop by Google is a remote desktop software that allows remote access to another computer.

While it was originally released as a Google Chrome extension, it’s now available as a web portal, which removes the limitation of using the Chrome browser.

Offers simple and easy remote access.
Synchronized clipboard to copy and paste text between two devices.
Supports multi-monitor remote device display.
Can remap the keys on the remote device.
Quick access to a remote device with OTPs (One Time Password).
Chrome Remote Desktop is free to use.
Allows unattended access to a computer.
Don’t need to install a separate remote desktop app.
Allows remote access to a computer via a mobile device app.

5. ISL Light

ISL Light is a remote desktop and remote access software perfect for security-oriented professionals. It offers a great price-performance and transparent licensing.

With one license you can access an unlimited number of computers, connect with unlimited users, and create an unlimited number of users within your company. The license is priced per simultaneous connection.

It is an easy-to-use software with a clear user interface. It offers many ways to connect so also non-tech-savvy clients will easily connect into a remote session. All remote sessions are end-to-end encrypted, and you can turn on the two-factor authentication.

It works cross-platform and mobile apps that allow mobile device support is included in the license. ISL Light works reliably also on low-bandwidth connections.

6. DameWare Remote Support

DameWare Remote support offers good remote-access capabilities. This Remote software system is available in two variations. 1. Dameware Remote Support ( On-premises solution) 2.Dameware Remote Everywhere( Cloud-based solution)


Helps you to manage Active Directory (AD) objects remotely
Save your time and money by automating help desk and IT support tasks.
In-house ticketing system and reporting engine for better performance review
Offers better identity and authentication management for remote desktop connections

7. LogMeIn

LogMeIn, is the true alternative to TeamViewer providing advanced remote access to your home and office computer. It supports quick video stream, file sharing, collaboration, storing, and accessing with a single click. You can also mouse and screen settings. Collaborate with your colleagues either between desktop, a device to PC, or vice versa. However, it is costly and reliable.

With LogMeIn, you can take advantage of remote printing, password management, multi-screen display, 24×7 live rep and business hours support, and many more. It has a 4.7 stars rating on the App Store and is notably a great TeamViewer competitor that has generated $1.262 billion (2019) revenue.

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