7 Best Automatic Wallpaper Changing Apps for Android

If you have the choice of changing wallpaper automatically every second or a minute or hour then why using the same wallpaper all day long on your Android home screen. We all often change wallpapers on our smartphones. But it’s still hard to pick the right one for our frame of mind most of the time. Often even thinking wallpaper apps gives you little choice when selecting a nice background for our phones.

Changing wallpapers automatically is one of the nice Android tweaks you can do to solve this problem. The right home screen customization can be done to get freshness on your phone screen by automatically changing wallpapers with some random or pre-selected images.

Check out some of the best automatic wallpaper changer apps for Android to effortlessly refresh your home screen on Android devices.

1.Auto Change Wallpaper

Auto Change WallpaperThis application has very simple functionality, which you can immediately understand from its name. The Auto Change Wallpaper changes the wallpaper on your smartphone screen automatically, without your involvement, and in just a few seconds.

Changes can be set in the settings yourself – it can be a certain amount of time, lock the screen, or double-click the screen.

It should be noted that all images for wallpaper Auto Change Wallpaper upload from your gallery. You will be able to create a separate folder in which you will need to download the pictures, pictures, and photos that you want to see on your screen.

The application can also select a random image from all the presented ones: the main thing is to specify it in the settings. Making a conclusion about the Auto Change Wallpaper, we can say that it is very simple and clear to the regular user.

2. Tapet

wallpapers changing

Tapet is one of the unique wallpaper changer apps available on Google Play to customize your smartphone’s home screen. Unlike other wallpaper applications, Tapet automatically creates high-quality backgrounds based on your device’s screen resolution. The interesting thing is that all wallpapers are made with random patterns and colors, so no images are downloaded from the internet, and everything is produced quickly on your screen.

Auto wallpaper change option allows you to set the app to surprise you with a new wallpaper on an hourly or daily basis. And I promise you won’t see the same wallpaper twice, most likely.

3.Microsoft Launcher

This utility knows how to work with Bing wallpaper, their characteristic feature is daily updating.

Windows PC owners may already be familiar with these wonderful pictures, which are displayed on the system lock screen.

Using an intelligent algorithm, the utility can offer images based on the location of the user and his experience.

The application goes a long way around the relatively familiar automatic wallpaper search.

The more people use Microsoft Launcher, the more accurate the service predicts interests. Another advantage of the program is that it saves on charge and minimizes memory usage.


If you have a newer smartphone with a very high-resolution display, such as a Samsung AMOLED, you will probably want to take a look at Walli. The beauty of this app is that the wallpapers come in resolutions up to 4K. The wallpapers are made by selected artists, and the artists themselves can earn money from being featured on the app. That’s cool, because it still means that you can get their work for free, but the people who put in the hard graft aren’t getting short-changed.

5. (4K Wallpapers – Auto Wallpaper Changer)

With an admirable rating of 4.7 based on over 100k user reviews, this app has a vast collection of 4K (Ultra HD) and Full HD (HD stands for High Definition) backgrounds. As one might expect from such a program, this one lets you choose how often you want your background changed. Besides being simple to use, it also lets users save the pictures they find appealing.

Many users praise this app for its user-friendliness and very interesting categorized collection. The only big issue is the big number of ads in the free version.

6. Google Wallpapers

Wallpapers from Google is one of the best wallpaper apps that you can use on Android. The app is small, but it has a decent selection of wallpapers. The good thing about Google Wallpapers is that it allows you to set different wallpapers for the lock screen and home screen. Apart from that, you can also set Google Wallpapers to change the device wallpapers automatically.

7. Muzei Live Wallpaper

If you are a lover of classical art, this app is for you. It includes images from the world’s most famous artists of all time, such as Vincent Van Gogh. Still, art does not overlap with icons and widgets on your desktop. It’s responsible for a slight blurring and darkening of the background. The focus will always be on current applications. The user is allowed to change the regularity of automatic wallpaper replacement. The range of available values: from 15 minutes to 1 time in 3 days.

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