5 Best WordPress Link Tracking Plugins in 2021

5 Best WordPress Link Tracking WordPress Plugins in 2021
is there a way to know which affiliates perform the best? By tracking affiliate links on your website, you can get insights about boosting your revenue.

Using Google Analytics, you can see the number of clicks an affiliate link generates. It helps you understand your user’s behavior and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

However, using Google Analytics isn’t that simple. If you’re a new user, then navigating your way around Analytics and setting up affiliate tracking can be tricky. But there is an easier way.

In this article, we’ll show you how to track affiliate links in WordPress. We’ll also go over a WordPress plugin that you can use to manage your affiliate links on your website.

1. Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a premium WordPress plugin that enables you to shorten, cloak, share, and track affiliate links from within the WordPress dashboard. While there is a Pretty Link Lite version, the additional features included in Pro (such as conversion reports and additional redirection types) make the cost worth it.

For affiliate marketing, this plugin offers a simple way to cloak and brand your affiliate URLs, which not only gives you a link that is nicer to look at, but also increases link click-through rates and prevents link theft (among other benefits).

2. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is a powerful Google Analytics tool that offers actionable insights into how you can boost your WordPress site’s performance. Simply enable its affiliate link tracking feature to gain access to in-depth reports on the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns. Everything from which pages generate the most income to your most profitable traffic sources is presented in an easy-to-read dashboard.

Also, MonsterInsights is designed to be compatible with other eCommerce tools, including affiliate plugins like ThirstyAffiliates and AdSense. As a result, you can integrate it into your other marketing tools for adopting a big-picture approach to your affiliate campaigns, as well as your business strategy as a whole.

But don’t take our word on it. Sample the free MonsterInsights Lite and if you like what you see, purchase the full version and take your marketing


First, install and active ExactMetrics on your website. To access the plugin, go to Plugins and then select Add New.

Now search ExactMetrics and install the plugin. Upon activation, it should appear in your WordPress dashboard.

Now, go to ExactMetrics » Settings and then select Publisher from the top menu. The first option you’ll see will be of Affiliate Links.

You can enter the Path of your affiliate link to help Google Analytics differentiate between affiliate links and other links. It works by setting the path for internal links to track as outbound links.

For instance, since your URL contains the Path /recommend/ or /go/, Google Analytics will record these URLs as affiliate links. And it will know that these links are different from other outbound links on your website.

As for Label, this helps you trace the clicks from each affiliate link. They are added at the end of the URL and would look like this: outbound-link-affiliates. So, if you want to view these links in Google Analytics, you’ll know these are affiliate links.

4. Affiliate Royale

Affiliate Royale is a WordPress plugin focused exclusively on the management of affiliate programs. As an all-in-one tool, Affiliate Royale has an extensive list of features, including link tracking, transaction reporting, and shopping cart integration.

This feature-packed affiliate management plugin takes all of the technical complications out of the process. Right from your WordPress dashboard, you can configure a variety of management options, including commission levels, affiliate dashboard settings, and even payment options.

In addition, your affiliates can utilize the plugin’s affiliate dashboard to stay on top of their sales stats.

Key Features
Offers an easy, no-fuss setup process.
Integrates seamlessly with popular payment solutions, including WooCommerce and PayPal.
Provides extensive configuration options, enabling you to customize your affiliate program to your liking.

5. AdSanity

If accessibility is the name of the game, AdSanity’s affiliate marketing software for WordPress tops the list of most intuitive platforms. That’s because AdSanity strikes the perfect balance between power and simplicity, giving users the ability to insert affiliate banners in widgets, sidebars, posts, and other elements on their website.

But AdSanity doesn’t stop there, it also gives you control over how you want to run your affiliate advertising campaign. You can choose when specific affiliate links appear on your WordPress site, as well as which visitors see what ads.

Combine this with its comprehensive performance and link tracking tools, and it’s not hard to see why AdSanity is a favorite for anyone looking for a lightweight plugin for generating affiliate revenue.

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