5 Best Apps To Learn Cooking On Android

5 Best Apps To Learn Cooking On Android
As you probably already know, if there’s something you want to do or learn, there’s likely an app for that. Want to be a better chef or just go beyond heating cans of soup in your microwave? Try out some of the best Android apps to learn cooking. With step-by-step recipes, tips, and other users happy to answer questions, you’ll put together deliciously amazing dishes.

1. Kptncook

From cooking new dishes to following food bloggers’ recipes, this app helps cooking in a healthy manner. It provides various healthy and vegan recipes. Also, it is a free cooking app, and your favorite recipe can be shared with your friends within a few clicks. As the recipes are added here regularly, recipes can be found easily by applying a filter of your choice. All your favorite recipes can be saved in a personal list as well. Also, step-by-step instructions of the recipe help in making the recipe more successful and tasty. You can even keep track of how many recipes you have cooked and this shall keep you motivated to try out more recipes. It also makes the work more convenient by helping in finding the nearest grocery store and telling us how much it will cost. Overall this is one of our favorite cooking apps for Android, do try this out.


ChefTap Recipes is a small, but growing recipe app. It has one of the better clipper tools. You simply share a webpage with the app and it’ll automatically parse the recipe for you. It includes a bunch of recipes, a decent interface, and even support for outside sites like Pinterest. It’s also usable offline. The free account lets you save up to 100 recipes along with most features. Going pro removes the restrictions on most features. However, that does require a subscription. It’s a bit expensive, too.

3.SideChef: Step-by-step cooking

The app contains more than 2,500 step-by-step curated recipes for every skill level. It contains how-to videos and comes with social features. The opening page of the app is updated daily for those who are looking for ideas every day.

4. Kitchen Stories Recipes

Although the internet offers many beginner recipes, it’s difficult to confirm the taste and specialty secrets of a recipe upon your first attempt. Kitchen Stories Recipes is a communal app where users upload personal recipes for utilization in any kitchen across the world.

In the community, you and others can talk about the successes and failures of an online recipe. Its users upload thousands of recipes every year that include video, written, and verbal instructions for assistance. The service also offers active participation in a community, as opposed to just simple recipes and tools.

5. Cookpad

Cookpad provides thousands of recipes for homemade dishes, which include main courses, appetizers, desserts, soups, and more. Create your own cookbook with personalized recipes or simply search for recipes by specifying the food title or one or more ingredients.

In addition, users can bookmark recipes for quick access, follow other users, and share recipes with friends and family on social media. The app is well designed and efficient, so it’s worth a look.

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